Friday, September 16, 2011

3: Some called them "basol"


I can remember how interested we were to help our mother to peel the onions but none of us reached the goal. It looked easy yet it gave pain. Tears followed one another. Until recent past whether I cried for losses and wins…I was tearing off when peeling off the skin of onions and chopping them…but now, it’s just a simple task. No tears…no worries.

Problems are like onions too. A person faces the problem for the very first time it gives pains and tears. And once he is used for such problems he’ll learn to take them easy and will little worry about the pains he feels and will rarely cry. Instead he will try to get rid of them quickly as I peel off the skin of the onion. And facing such problems will gradually change it to a challenge as we chop the onions, very energetic and willing to do more :) and more than anything he will know that without problems, pains and tears, life is not interesting, same like the onions, once they are added to the curry it’ll look more pleasant and will become more delicious.

And…the more the problems you face the more you become confident and stronger… same like the onions, once they are taken into the body they react as an antibiotic :)

p/s: Face whatever the problems you have with a stronger heart, it will teach you the art of achieving your goal with less pains and tears.

With lots of love,

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